High School All-Americans

Kyle Mosher 4th Place-2016

Matt Swanson 8th Place-2016

2017 NYWAY Place Winners

Joseph Clem 1st place
Jackson Polo 1st Place
Liam Fitzgerald 1st Place
Jake Trovato 1st place
Anthony Iadevio 1st place
Matt Ferrante 2nd place
Ryan Alfano 2nd place
Anthony Clem 3rd Place
Thomas Wagner 3rd Place

2016 Youth NYS Place Winners

Shane Meenaghan 1st

Anthony Clem 5th

Joseph Clem 3rd

Anthony Gentile 6th

Tommy Bonaserra 6th

Ally Fitzgerlad 2nd

NYS Place winners

Kyle Mosher 4th Place

Kyle Mosher 4th Place

Kyle Mosher 5th Place

State Quilifers

Jared Altan '16, '17

Kyle Mosher '15, '16, '17

Matt Swanson '16 '17

2017 Youth Nassau County Place Winners

Joseph Clem 1st place
Damon Finkler 1st Place
Will McMullen 1st Place
Thomas Wagner 1st Place
Jake Nieto 1st place
Benny Rogers 1st place
LJ Horan 2nd place
Anthony Clem 2nd place

Luke Nieto 2nd Place
Matt Coffey 2nd Place
Jack Coffey 3rd Place
Joe Souto 3rd Place
Darrin Santucci 4th Place
Jackson Polo 5th place
Isiah Rivera 6th place
George Stankov 6th Place

2016 Youth Nassau County Place Winners

Aj lent-adjami 3rd

Anthony Gentile 2nd
Ally Fitzgerald 5th
Jack Coffey 1st
Jake Nieto 3rd
Anthony Clem 3rd
Joe Clem 1st
Joe Souto 2nd
Thomas Wagner 5th

Parker mercado 2nd
Carson Cornell 6th
Will McMullan 1st
Benny Rogers 1st
Jackson polo 2nd
Thomas bonasera 3rd
Damon Finkler 3rd
Jay Ottomanelli 3rd

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